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We acknowledge the traditional territories of the First Nation people across Canada, and the significance of the land to the indigenous identity.  We recognize the value and benefit of the natural environment as the the ultimate traditional First Nation learning environment, to ground the students in 'Place', ground them in 'who they are', and prepare them to go out in the world.
“The earth cannot be separated from the actual beings of Indians”, Leroy Little Bear.
Who We Are
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New Schools
Additions + Renovations
Community Buildings
Cultural Facilities
Outdoor Learning Environments
Commercial Kitchens
Recreation Facilities
Headstart and Daycare Spaces
Complex Needs Assessment
Demographics Studies
Traditional Pedagogy Research
Cultural and Language Needs
Facilities + Infrastucture Assemssments
Education Program Assessment
Community Engagement
School Space Programming
Closing the Funding Gap for First Nation Education Facilities
We have created a series of workshops designed to empower First Nations to understand and be in control of the key components of a study that impact school funding, to lead the process of accurately assessing school space requirements, and to obtain the appropriate consultants and services for each phase of the work.


From the root word "chiasma", the central point of the cross, where coming together, crossing over and transformation happens; the "crux".


Our Passion is First Nation Learning Environments

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