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"OKOTOKS" by Making Treaty 7

Opening night was last night, February26th, for OKOTOKS, a new production by the Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society.

What a powerful emotional experience.

Justin Manyfingers, the artistic director, tells the story of the massacre of 200 women, children and elders in a Blackfoot camp in Montana, in the dead of winter, in January, 1870, by Major Eugene M. Baker of the US Army. The men had been out hunting and were not there to defend their families.

The story is told through the eyes of one of the very few survivors, a 12 year old girl named Holy Bear Woman, who become one of Justin's ancestors, and the men who returned to camp to find their families slaughtered.

The play teaches us about a significant event in Blackfoot history, and, more profoundly, shows us the emotions of the event. The live performance is very raw and visceral.

The sounds, music and singing were powerful and beautifully done, and the set was a simple and stunning backdrop to a tragic story.

A special mention needs to go out to the caterer - Aahksoyo'p, Indigenous Comfort Food. The food was amazing :-)

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