Tsuut'ina Schools Feasibility Study


This study included condition assessments of two existing schools, infrastructure assessments, education program review, review of the functionality of the existing schools, a demographics study that included a displaced population, and complex needs research. 

Completed June 2016.

Kainai Schools Feasibility Study


Kainai Nation is one of the largest First Nations in Canada, both in terms of population and land area, and with a complex student demographic attending schools both on and off the nation. Four existing schools and a maintenance facility  were assessed.


The entire study completed in two months​, and submitted April, 2018.


Our studies help First Nations close the funding gap through:

  • comprehensive research

  • thorough assessments and detailed programming

  • including qualified professionals and experts 

  • solid data and justifications to back up recommendations

Beaver Lake Cree School Study


We are assessing the current state and capacity of the existing educational facilities, and determining future school requirements through a comprehensive evaluation of demographics, complex needs and educational programming, as well as engagements with community, leadership, students and elders.

This study is ongoing.

Career Training Facilities Study

This study involved assessing the gap in career training facilities that First Nation students have access to vs their Provincial counterparts in the Treaty 6 region.  We reviewed CTS facilities at First Nation and Provincial schools, identified shortcomings and provided recommendations to bridge the gap. This study was completed in June, 2019, and we are currently assisting with implementation of the recommendations.

Sturgeon Lake Cree School Study

This study included a school needs assessment and an infrastructure assessment. Parents, teachers and students were included in an engagement process to identify needs and priorities. In addition, we discovered air quality issues that required remediation.

Completed November, 2017

Frog Lake Schools Needs Assessment


Review of educational facility needs, including: 

  • existing education programs and community assets

  • functionality of the existing school to support education programs

  • student demographics and complex needs research

Completed October, 2017.

Alexis Nakota School Feasibility Study


In addition to the typical components of a study, we included an indepth review of traditional pedagogy, and the implications on the school space recommendations. Traditional mentorship and a strength base, hands-on instructional style is still practiced in this community.

Completed October, 2018.

Investing in a Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study is the pre-design phase of new and/or expanded facilities. It is well worth the investment to ensure the study is completed thoroughly and comprehensively, with space and funding recommendations that will fully meet the needs of the community, now and into the future.

Our Passion is First Nation Learning Environments

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Tsuut'ina Child and Family Services Study

This study is an assessment of the requirements of the Child and Family Services program and includes a review of current and future needs as well as a functional review of the existing facility.​ 

This study was completed in May, 2019, and funding has been approved based on the study to proceed with design and construction.


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