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Feasibility Studies

We identify and explain:

  • what are the critical components of a feasibility study

  • how these impact school size and funding recommendations 

  • what consultants and specialists need to be involved to ensure the work is done correctly and is verifiable


Demographics Research

Demographics are the foundation of the ISC funding formula and school size recommendations. This workshop outlines how to identify all students who could be attending school in their community, beyond the current school enrollment numbers, and how this data needs to be analyzed and reported.


Complex Needs Research

Additional funding and school space is allocated for every child deemed "Special Education". Typically the number of students that have been formally assessed does not accurately represent the number of students requiring supports. We provide a process to obtain accurate complex needs numbers, and how to have these numbers verified.


Education Program and Traditional Pedagogy

Determining school space needs requires that the education program be understood, as well as traditional ways of teaching/learning that the community may want to incorporate into their education system.

Studies + Assessments
School Space Requirements

WORKSHOPS: Closing the Funding Gap

We have created a series of workshops designed to empower First Nations to understand and be in control of the key components of a study that impact school funding, to lead the process of accurately assessing school space requirements, and to obtain the appropriate consultants and services for each phase of the work.


School Space Requirements

The ISC funding formulas do not contain sufficient detail to determine if the space allocation will meet the school needs of the the community. We present strategies to help determine actual school space needs - how the education program defines spaces, types of engagements to pursue, and who to involve in the process.


architectural works limited


Engagement Workshops

Engagement with community, families, elders, teachers and students is an important part of determining the school spaces that will meet the needs of the community. The engagement workshops help to determine cultural requirements, community's vision for their school, and to create a sense of connection and ownership for the new school. 

Engaging Consultants

Terms of Reference

The typical Indigenous Services Terms of Reference to select consultants for both feasibility studies and school projects have gaps in the scope of services and consultants requested. We identify these gaps, and how to close them to ensure the needs of the First Nation will be met.

Our Passion is First Nation Learning Environments

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