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Kainai Nation 


We had an incredibly tight deadline to complete the feasibility study. Kainai First Nation is one of the largest First Nations in Canada, both in terms of population and land area. There were four existing schools and a maintenance facility to assess, and a large student population attending school both on and off the nation. We were required to complete the entire study within two months. The study was completed and delivered on time.

Completed April 2018

Tsuut'ina Nation 


This study included an extensive review of the demographics of the community and how the number of students have been drastically affected by the removal and replacement of 150 dwellings.


At the completion of the study it was determined that both schools were beyond capacity and required additional space. A new high school was warranted as well as an addition to Chiila Elementary School.

Completed June 2016

Chief Napeweaw School

Frog Lake First Nations, Alberta

The objective of this study was to supplement the Facility Options Analysis Report with a report on  the following items:

  • Education programs at the Chief Napeweaw Comprehensive School

  • Functional review of the existing facility

  • Demographics

  • Community assets


Our focus was to review the Frog Lake education system approach to instruction, and the social supports with  the school community.

Completed October 2017

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