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INDSPIRE 2018: Inspiration

National Gathering for Indigenous Education

INDPSIRE 2018 has definitely lived up to it's name. This event has been truly inspiring. It was wonderful to see all of the initiatives happening across Canada to improve education for Indigenous students.

An amazing bonus was having Alanis Obamsawin present at the showing of her film, Our People Will Be Healed.

Featured is the Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre (HBOIERC), in Norway House, Manitoba, which enjoys a level of funding few First Nation communities are able to achieve. This film demonstrates the incredible benefits to a First Nation community if they are able to receive equitable funding levels for their education system and facilities.

Alanis needed no introduction. We were thrilled to hear her speak and answer questions. What an amazing woman! She is 86 years old, and is still going strong. She has made over 50 films in her career. She is currently working on her next film, which will be about Jordan's Principle.

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